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Arckeo + FFA Ferrara Fulfaro Architettura has placed architecture at the center of its core business, understood as a space experienced by man according to the philosophy and thought of architect Fausto Ferrara: "I would like to start by saying that architecture does not exist. 'work of architecture, the work is an offering to architecture, made in the hope that it can become part of the treasure of architecture and humanity" (Spazi Sensoriali | Spazial prototypes by Fausto Ferrara, Page 39).

For this reason, Arckeo Property Development was born, which wants to give value to architecture and in particular to the Italian architectural heritage (Villas, Palaces, Castles and Hotels), bringing to splendor spaces that have lost their cultural and artistic identity that history has written on the facades and interiors of these wonders.

"Architecture is the testimony of man's aspiration to overcome time by raising order in space" Hermann Broch

January 15, 2020

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