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Suspension and circularity, together with the fluidity of spaces are the basis of the project. A sculpture where two rings intersect and lean on each other and form different places, not only for functions but for light and energy.
In the southern area you can enjoy the predominant view of the lake, a swimming pool limits the space between the anthropized living area and nature, here the first ring opens and the projecting one wants to close on itself, but ends in a projecting way creating a sense of Suspension. The living area and the sleeping area on the upper floor rest on a semi-recessed box in the ground which houses the area of services and accessories, such as the cinema room, a music room, the industrial kitchen and a showroom as well as a cellar and storage areas. the servants' apartment; a custom-made eight-space garage overlooks the breathtaking view of Lake Garda through a large window.
A double-height lounge overlooks the swimming pool to the south, large circular sliding windows allow it to open completely and ensure that the outside communicates with the inside without discontinuity.
Above the bedrooms where on one side there is the master area with dedicated lounge, bathroom and master bedroom and master bathroom as well as a large wardrobe; on the opposite side, a family living room with TV corner, and three large double bedrooms with en suite bathroom and wardrobe area as well as private terraces, one of these is intended for reserved guests with a large balcony overlooking the void and the view of the Lake Garda truly breathtaking.

We are trying our hand at demolition and reconstruction on Lake Garda in a wonderful location. A new high-end home with large volume and surface area.


S. 地块 / M2


它是 S. BUILT / M2








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