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This commission involved the renovation of a building which itself has several additions dating back to the 1960s. Located in the monumental historic center of Rome.
The client's objective was to create a building that would serve as both a home and work spaces as well as spaces for relaxation.
The design uses vertical axes to section the building into different types of spaces, including service areas, distribution areas, main zones and outdoor areas, establishing a specific spatial and functional sequence as owners move through the building . Furthermore, the horizontal sequence of floor levels differentiates areas for sleeping, living and working. These horizontal and vertical planes create a three-dimensional map of the house and its functions.
At the center of the house is a large, full-height vertical void that serves as the primary circulation space, connecting the surrounding rooms in a flexible and dynamic way characteristic of contemporary living. This void is a point of spatial, visual and functional connection, where public and private spaces, day and night activities, internal and external flows meet and intersect. It also exposes the intimacy of domesticity, revealing the interior life of the home.
Today, years later, we can say that the theme of the project was the precursor of a need that we had already intuited starting in 2004 and which today has become a need, that of ensuring that private living spaces merge with private spaces. of work, new and interesting projects have been born on this topic.

An apartment inside a historic building in the monumental center of the city of Rome.


S. 地块 / M2


它是 S. BUILT / M2







Interior Design

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