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Combining art, culture and nature, this was the client's request. The ultimate aim was to create a real house of art, where nature, art and humanity can feel one.

We wanted to insert nature into the place through its phenomena. Capturing the light, the wind, the materiality, for this reason we wanted to create a place, an interstitial space, which contains a showcase displaying art and the interior merges with the exterior, so nature and artifice begin to resonate and enter in a symbiosis that brings out the culture of living.

Being there as a presence harmonises with the environment and begins to vibrate and merge with the body of water on which the building emerges, this vibration harmonises the environment and creates a place of calm and silence. The silence and the apparent coldness are animated by the presence of man and through the phenomena of nature awaken the senses and open the soul towards a sense of belonging by stimulating culture.

The project was born inside the Tiergarten park, in a place known by the name of the sculpture which is positioned in the center of the space. Amazone zu Pferde had to remain within the project; given the circular shape of the place we thought of a real building with a circular plan, which however would create a void, within this void, in the center of this void, the statue of the Amazone zu Pferde marks time and regulates the proportions of space.
A convex roof creates the architecture and seems suspended in the air, so as to heighten the sense of suspension which contrasts with its materiality, a reinforced concrete wall delimits the place and a glass window open towards the center forms a gallery between the interior and external, where the art can be displayed, as in a display case, giving it a sense of sacredness.

A private gallery open to the public, a house of art, where its function is to inhabit art, place and culture, in a single lexicon.


S. 地块 / M2


它是 S. BUILT / M2







Grande Scala

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