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355 Ocean Drive is a large villa, where the location suggests its shape. We thought of three parallelepipeds that intertwine with each other. This intertwining models a cross shape that allows for an articulation of spaces that favor the eastward view of the ocean. The idea was to create a covered courtyard which, through retractable sliding windows, would allow you to enjoy the proximity of the sea. A courtyard of water welcomes the volumes resting on it and favors their reflection and reverberation. The use of water allowed us to make the space changeable and allowed the light to vibrate and extend the surfaces between inside and outside, creating a similarity and continuity with the ocean.
The internal volume, on the South/North fronts, has allowed daily life to be positioned to the South, also placing a main axis, the West to East one, to allow for a privileged view towards the ocean; in fact the dining room with the open kitchen seems to be suspended, like a prow, over the sea; there a patio offers a 180° view of the ocean. We also thought about raising the villa from the ground, to make the view towards the sea even more exciting. On the first floor we have placed the study and the family living room, which overlook both the sea and the living room on the ground floor through a double height. Furthermore, on the first floor there are four suites each complete with bathroom and wardrobe. On the second floor, we have placed the master suite, with a living room/study, a large bathroom with shower and bathtub as well as a large closet; the suite has a large panoramic terrace.
The villa is equipped with a guest house, a separate office and a SPA complete with an indoor pool. Furthermore, the villa is equipped with a garage for 5 super cars and a wine cellar, as well as a professional kitchen, a bar area and service areas separated from the main house itself.

The villa will be built on one of the most beautiful and prestigious locations in Miami Beach. A large villa just 50 meters from the sea.


S. 地块 / M2


它是 S. BUILT / M2








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