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As regards the scale of the projects, we work from the master plan, groups of buildings or residences, transformations of the existing or building renovation projects through the demolition and reconstruction of a new and more efficient architectural organism, up to small-scale projects, taking care every little detail. 

In development projects, we take care of branding, corporate design, graphic design, web, promotional images and/or videos, all drawings in BIM up to management for the construction phase, trying to cover everything with the same perspective to generate thus a complete project. 

Each project is as important as the others and we evaluate each one as if it were the first, the last and the only one, treated as a real "work of art".

The projects are born from the pen of its founders, but are developed by careful teamwork from the beginning of each assignment, delving into the initial concepts and ideas, which for us are the soul of the project, including the structure and interior design. 

For each project, we prepare at least 3 different design proposals, all responding to the clients' wish list, the plot and all the regulations. For us it is a conceptual challenge that pushes us to improve and pushes us to always go a little further to get out of our comfort zone. With our clients, we immediately establish a basis of trust knowing that their choices will become part of the design process, we always try to transpose the wishes of our clients and our task through design and help them realize their desires.

Arckeo + FFA Ferrara Fulfaro Architecture is an architecture and design studio in search of Efficient Beauty. It was born from the meeting of two professionals with international experience, Fausto Ferrara and Enrico Fulfaro and is made up of a multidisciplinary group of professionals who carry out residential, cultural and corporate projects at an international level.

The essayist and university professor Franco Purini on the text "Oppositions" in the Catalog of the 13th International Architecture Exhibition "la Biennale di Venezia", writes:

“The architecture of Arckeo + FFA Ferrara Fulfaro Architecture is born from reason but produces emotion. It is the art of building and communicating at least as much as it is of space and light. Strongly stratified into different levels of meaning, beyond its apparent clarity, it says something important about the human being, something mysterious that is worth listening to."

The studio makes use of the collaboration in its projects of Piero Castiglioni's studio for lighting engineering, as well as companies specialized in the construction field such as Capoferri, world leader for custom-made windows and doors.


Likewise, he has collaborated with international studios, such as the well-known Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura or Joao Ferreira Nunes considered one of the most illustrious landscape architects at an international level.

The studio has received awards such as the AWards in World Architecture in 2012, the ICONIC Awards - The Whole World of Architecture of the German Design Council, in 2013 and 2018, the Red Dot Design Award in 2012, the Architizer Award in 2014, and the WAN Award in 2019.

Furthermore, we have been invited to present our work at numerous seminars and conferences at international universities and institutions, including the Venice Architecture Biennale, Columbia University in New York, the Art OMI Institute. We have also exhibited in various art and design museums and galleries, such as OffiCina in Beijing China, as part of the 13th International Architecture Exhibition “la Biennale di Venezia”, at the Italian Pavilion, or the Nicole Fiacco Gallery, Hudson, NY, USA, or the “Come sé” Gallery, Rome, Italy and the Santo Ficara Gallery, Florence, Italy. The studio's projects are disseminated around the world, highlighting places such as China, the United States, Chile, Germany, Spain and Italy, and have been published in international architecture and interior design magazines.

Among these, GA Houses, Domus, Casabella, Architectural Digest, Ville&Casali, Detail, The Plan, Elle Decor, Interni, Europaconcorsi portal, Architizer, World-Architect and in publishing houses such as Taschen. Moreover, the studio's work it has been collected in various monographs edited by Palombi Editori.



Architecture can be small in the large or large in the small, if each commission is intended as an opportunity to make a work of art concrete.

Dialogue is always present, as the work becomes part of the identity of those who live there. The home and workspace are a true reflection of who lives or works there, an unmistakable expression of their personality or corporate culture. This dialogue seeks solace and utility, examining the conflicts and joys of the daily acts of human life, which define architecture. The response given to these concepts characterizes the projects, making each one different, each one unique, treated as a real "work of art".

And finally, the team. Excellence in design is based on the integration of a network of professionals who share the pleasure of their work. A team made up of specialists in the calculation of structures, energy and sustainability aspects, acoustics, fittings, graphic design, interior design, architecture.


We operate in a shared space that evokes the history of the past; Palazzo Lunese that hosts us is a building designed by Bernardo Rossellino in 1452, this place in itself produces an atmosphere of shared creativity capable of generating a contagious motivation, attentive to what is in progress and enthusiastic about what is about to come.


Furthermore, we are the first international studio to have used remote working, having full confidence in our collaborators, all top-level professionals; during the Covid-19, Arckeo + FFA was already ready to work smart and was able to test with great satisfaction that its model not only works but has now become a habit, for this reason we feel proud to have anticipated the times.

The design approach stems from a dual commitment: the desire to give a technical response to a specific context and the desire to seek effective beauty through the built work. This process pursues the satisfaction, understood in its fullest sense, of all those who actively participate in the development. Above all the customers and users of the work itself, but also the collaborators, builders and designers.

In the professional trajectory very different types of construction are collected. There is work on a new plant, renovations, renovations with demolition and reconstruction, block housing and public building.

Another feature of the process is continuity. Continuity with an environment that we must respect, spatial continuity, the use of few materials, the integration of structures, lighting... These are common factors in the work carried out. And also the search for continuity over time, enhancing the architecture capable of crossing it without becoming obsolete.

The use of innovation is emphasized. New materials and new technologies are used to improve people's lives. An innovation based on experience and on the improvement of tradition.

Accuracy and order are the basis of our work system. They require concentrated and attentive activity throughout the whole process, which goes from the initial idea, through the drafting of the project, up to its realization. The construction process is followed by us up to the stages of customized furnishings, the design product up to the maintenance of the work; for this reason we have chosen to work in BIM and to make the most of the tools that the digitization of the project offers us.



“The architecture of Arckeo + FFA Ferrara Fulfaro Architecture is born from reason but produces emotion. It is the art of building and communicating at least as much as it is of space and light. Strongly stratified into different levels of meaning, beyond its apparent clarity, it says something important about the human being, something mysterious that is worth listening to."
Prof. Franco Purini

From 1996 to 2006 he carried out research and teaching activities at the University of Rome La Sapienza for courses in Architectural Design, and in 2004 he was appointed "Subject Expert for Design III courses".

Since 2006 he has been the author of architecture articles for "4amagazine" and "La Repubblica - Casa&Design" and currently for the magazine "Italia Informa".
He has also participated in numerous television programs.
After personal journeys, in 2010 they decided to join together and founded their design atelier in Rome and Viterbo, and subsequently in Chicago, which initially began as a true research laboratory between art and architecture.

Today Arckeo + FFA Ferrara Fulfaro Architecture is an international architecture studio, which has achieved various recognitions in the field of both national and international architecture criticism, and exhibited its works in international exhibitions such as the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale in 2012.

Fausto Ferrara is an Italian architect, artist, designer and innovator.

He studied architecture in Rome and assiduously frequented the circles of artists, Enrico Castellani, Achille Perilli, Teodosio Magnoni, Pino Barillà, Gianni Asdrubali, Carlo Bernardini, Paola D'Ercole and others. After an initial period of work on construction sites since 1980, having the fortune of having a father who was a construction craftsman, he decided to undertake a long personal experience of vision and bodily perception of architecture which would lead him to undertake long study trips to Europe, Asia and North America.
Ferrara is recognized by international critics as a true architect and artist.

Enrico Fulfaro is an Italian architect and interior designer.

He graduated in Architecture in 1992 from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. He worked at the B&C architects studio from 1992 to 2002 as a designer of public buildings.