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Isa' was born from the desire to give elegance and sobriety to a space for conviviality such as a dining room. Equipped with two cushions, they make it comfortable to sit on. Isa' has the possibility of extracting the backrest cushion, which is fixed to the wooden part by a snap system and can be extracted if necessary.
We preferred mahogany wood and velvet with light shades, to give greater emphasis to the naturalness of the wood which can be shiny or opaque.
Created in two different versions, one with armrests and the other without armrests; both versions can be equipped with lining cushions or without cushions.
The backrest cushion is foldable on the sides and in the upper part to increase ergonomics and adapt to the body of its guest.

A table chair. ISA' goes well with the Téo table and together they enhance their sobriety and elegance. Pure and simple lines for lots of comfort.

November 23, 2023

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