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The existing building, being located within the landslide constraint, overlooking the natural ravine, led the client to choose to demolish it to move it out of the risk of landslide and rebuild a new villa, which not only responds to the rules of the green economy, but above all to the canons of bio-architecture.
In addition to this choice imposed by existing regulations, the client therefore decided to want an energy efficient villa that is more suited to the use of internal spaces, which is inspired by the characteristics of modernist architecture and which is seismically safe.
The place where the pre-existing building stands is an urban completion area; the peculiarity of the site is its naturalistic beauty due to the southern front which overlooks a gorge, typical of the upper Lazio area. The existing building, built at the end of the 1970s, however sacrificed both the view to the south and the garden, placing itself too close to the salty area.
The project, having carefully considered the study of the site, decided to move the villa towards the north, freeing it from the pre-existing constraint, and therefore allowing for greater open space towards the south.
A suspended telescope opens the view to the wonderful panorama that lies in front of him. The villa takes shape from a golden rectangle where the upper part, a portion of the same, overlooks the southern front for 19 meters, hosting the sleeping area; wooden shutters open like an accordion, allowing the user to completely open the view towards the beauty that nature offers him.
On the lower floor, which is created by the suspended parallelepiped, houses the living area, which opens to the south towards a real terrace which houses a swimming pool.
A wall of tuff, a typical material of the place, separates from the entrance, thus creating a courtyard looking towards the sky, where the elements of water and fire mix with shadows and light.
The living area was designed to be completely open in the warm seasons, this is made possible by the fixtures that disappear behind the walls.

Villa Annamaria is a residential architecture under construction, the result of a recovery intervention of the existing building heritage, which sees the demolition of the pre-existing building to create a nearly zero energy building - nZEB.


S. 地块 / M2


它是 S. BUILT / M2








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