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Téo is an elegant and sober table in its design; we chose wood in the natural essence of Mahogany which contrasts with the lightly brushed steel top.

The legs and uprights join together through a curvature, to enhance their meeting a light shutter joins them. The leap between the two materials is highlighted through a recess that enhances the contrast and makes the wood visible on the three faces.

Téo is produced in three different lengths: 280 - 360 and 420 cm, all have the same width of 120 cm and a variable height, thanks to its adjustable satin steel feet, from 73 to 75 cm.

A table that aims to enhance elegance and sobriety. Where the material is enhanced by its naturalness and the contrast between wood and steel, left natural.


S. 地块 / M2


它是 S. BUILT / M2







Design di Prodotto

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