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I look for sensations rather than functions. The idea is a sense of community, a spirit in which art connects with the place itself and the place becomes an isolated world, where exhibitions expose people to art and generate a union between people and place , a place of art. I try to reveal the emotions that the place evokes: architecture must produce bodily sensations, those that awaken the senses and make the union between art and nature possible. In this way art can merge with natural events and the forces that push the human being to rediscover the human being understood as a living essence between heaven and earth..."
From the previous analysis, we can turn to our project as an element that unifies and reveals all natural forces, while also serving as a place of protection. It is a home where you can be and where you can observe the natural phenomena that occur around you.
This choice led us to prefer a specific location for the "House": in a valley, a fissure, where a natural pond could easily be created to better notice the variability of the site and the dynamic change of the seasons with its sharp light and chiaroscuro contrasts.
Our house, "The Art House", is a strictly scientific and technological museum space, but attentive and designed for the meeting between earth and sky, landscape and man, art and nature: it is an anthropology of the spirit.
The spaces of the museum are deliberately labyrinthine and to be discovered like the surrounding landscape. Art reveals itself within these spaces as a cultural element of human expression. It creates an integral sense of community that forces us to unite what is external with a new and feasible coexistence. This novelty lies in its lack of danger and lack of effort.

“…more than a museum, I think of a place where art, sky, earth and people can meet."


S. 地块 / M2


它是 S. BUILT / M2







Grande Scala

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